How Does Solar Panels Work?

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How Does Solar Panels Work

How Does Solar Panels Work Under the Sunlight

Solar panels as one of the renewable technologies have been introduced for a few years later, and it raises a question such as how does solar panels work. Many people keep asking this question because it is a new technology to produce the energy from the sunlight. The energy can be used as a source of electricity that can turn on your lamps, TV, computer and charge your phone. The solar panel is also a sustainable energy resource that doesn’t have any harmful effect on the environment. It’s very different from the general electricity sources that we know nowadays. The current technology as an electricity supply in many countries is producing pollution and consume much energy that costs much money, while the solar panel is the opposite.  It is expensive to have a solar panel system in our house, but the way you get the power supply will be free. Many people interested in it and want some particular thing to know how it works. Since people want some fundamental thing, many of them also ask on how does solar panels work step by step.

Before we give an explanation of how it works, we will give you some basic information about solar panels itself. Solar panels or that scientist usually call as panels are made of solar cells as the primary unit. The solar cells also use to known as photovoltaic cells (PV). This is essential basic knowledge of a solar panel that will help you understand how it works. This system is usually used by the company that considers the less pollution and an eco-friendly technology, but people as an individual can have it too. We will also discuss how do solar panels work on a house.

How does it work?

We can know easily solar panels at the large enterprises that place it on the ground or the roof. It works if there is sunlight that will be converted directly to electricity. We will explore deeply and step by step.

So, if people ask about how does solar panels work step by step, here is the explanation. First, there is sunlight that has radiation, and it hits the solar cells. Once it hit the solar cells, the energy is directly created. The energy in this phase called a DC energy. Then through the system that called inverter, the DC energy will be turned into an alternating energy. In this phase, the energy is called AC.

This AC energy is the electricity which then can be used directly as a power supply so can be delivered in the public houses around and can go directly to turn on any electrical things that you have. Each solar panel has its power bank to save the excessive energy production.

Due to it only works at day, many people also keep asking how does solar panels work at night. The answer is that it doesn’t work at all because sunlight is the key to this technology.  Without sunlight, there will be no energy. But since it has an electricity bank, then people can enjoy their electrical things at night.

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