How Much Truck Driving Salary?

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Truck Driving Salary

Truck Driving Salary and Job Description

Truck driving salary is different in some countries. The driver of a truck can be said a high responsibility in doing their his work. They should drive a big truck which brings a heavy load. So, how many salaries can they get? Heavy-duty truck drivers for transporting goods, liquids and all large/heavy objects for near or long distance purposes. There are two types of truck drivers, national and international truck drivers. His duties and salaries would be different.

What are the requirements to be truck drivers in America?

The truck driving salary 2017 is high than recent years. The company knows that their work is so hard. Well, the job description of truck drivers in many countries is different. For example, it can be said that to be truck drivers in America is so difficult. Why? There are many requirements should be had. It is because the stages of becoming truck drivers in America are not comfortable, the stages are many and challenging including physical and health tests as well as tests of theory and practice.

To get a CDL or Commercial Driving License special education is required where we can get it in particular truck driving schools. The duration is yes range 3-7 weeks. Health tests that must be passed that are held Department of Transportation is not playing tight because of all kinds of drugs test done, test eyes, ears and so forth is also included. It is said that during a break at home and consume drugs such as marijuana or marijuana and thought would disappear after a few tens of days, it can be found in the health test. So, the truck driving salary Australia and America of course different.

How Much the Salary of Truck Drivers?

The truck driving salary first year maybe is still little. The salary they get is of course according to the quality of the work they have done. For those who are experts in driving a truck loaded nationally and internationally will also have a different salary. So, the salary earned will be gradual. So what is the money paid by these truck drivers? For Walmart truck drivers (one of the largest grocery store chain in America) the fee is around 73 thousand US dollars per year.

The truck driving salary for beginners can be different. In America, you can see the truck with such a long body. Well, it ‘s hard to be truck drivers. Becoming a truck driver is no longer a job but a lifestyle, a job that must be loved and loved by the culprit because not everyone wants to live on the streets by sleeping, eating wherever they can. Separated from the family for long, stunned alone on the streets to dozens or even dozens of hours, it will not be able to do unusual people with it.

For the first period, the average truck driver will be away from home and live on the streets with a mentor guided from the company for the first three months. Our mentality must be high because it is separated from the family. However, the average company usually allows truck drivers to bring one member of his family with him including children over the age of 10. So, the truck driving salary should be balance with their hard working.

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