Types Of Social Work Degrees

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Types Of Social Work Degrees

Educational Types of Social Work Degrees

Types of social work degrees in higher education that start from undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. For the undergraduate program, it is a general type. It means that it doesn’t have a particular subtheme of social working fields. The types of social work masters degrees vary in some particular field. For example, in Master degree, it focused on some aspect such as social service and policy, social leadership and practical knowledge. This means that the different types of master degrees in social work also will have different types of career after graduation. Most people get the advanced special social worker skill after they completed the master degree.  Not only the master degree, but PhD degrees also have the different types. It is more concern for the research and analysis to deepen the understanding of some specific areas.

The difference types of each degree have led the individual to different types of job with social work degrees. This means that the background of the individual affects much their future career and the field of the career. It will be so hard for them to work in the field that isn’t their passion. In social worker program at any sub-field, it needs a deep analytical skill and knowledge to have a strong career. This is why it is important to talk about the possible career in each degree completion.

The social work for undergraduate, Master, and PhD

It has been mentioned above that undergraduate degree of social works doesn’t focus on a specific theme. Although there is a major for the student to learn deeply and dig the practical knowledge, it’s still not as complex as the master degree. For those who are having a bachelor degree of social work probably will need some training before doing a professional job if they aren’t continuing to gain Master degree. The types of job with social workers degree that suit for an undergraduate student includes in an entry level of organizational management, a junior researcher or a junior analyst. An entry level doesn’t it will be hard to reach the higher position, but it will need some skills and intelligence.

For those who are currently enrolling as a Master student in a particular theme of social works, the primary responsibility is to focus on the wider theme than the undergraduate programs. It means that their focus is just on a particular subject that has been mentioned above. If somebody has already gained the Master degree and looking for a job, it also may need some a special training too. The capacity of the worker in this degree is higher than the one from an undergraduate degree.

The last one is for Ph.D. students. In this degree level, the students are more likely to do a deep research, and some serious analysis for many purposes depends on their specific social worker’s type. Some of them are purposed to prepare social workers for the capacity building, leadership, environment and much more. But they need to choose some particular issue to be developed. Since the research is their primary thing, it means that they are more likely to be the professional social worker’s researcher or analyst. This is explained that there are difference types of job with social workers degree for Doctoral or Ph.D.

What about social workers training?

At the career world, many people need to be trained before they are starting to work or before they jump into the next level position. There are types of social work training in each degree. For example for those who hold an undergraduate degree, the training is more focus on character-building, skill development and extension and some managerial training. While for those who hold a master degree, the training must be a little harder to understand than for the undergraduate. The training of social workers for this degree holder is more likely to build a leadership role, the policy of regulation that related to social works and also practical knowledge or solutions,

The different types of job with social workers degree has led us into one critical thinking that every education background of social workers degree has created the student into their career path that suits to their skill and knowledge. The good job is when the student has the skill to handle the job.

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