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Best Online Campus for Doctor of Social Works Programs

Doctor of Social Work Programs is interesting for those who like social activities such as volunteering, social empowerment and organization development. Many of those who have finished their Master degree choose to continue to gain a doctoral degree in this field. Most of them are those who work in an organization that could be either non-profit or non-government organization or in a social development. Due to their business, many of them seek the online doctoral degree so that they can both study and practice or work at the same time. The good news is that there are many universities that offer an online degree for doctoral programs.

Below are the lists of 5 top campuses for Doctor of Social Work Programs degree (DSW) that will help you before you decide to apply it. Please note that DSW is different with PhD. DSW is more concentrate as a professional doctorate in social programs with an advance practical knowledge.

The 5 top campuses

The first campus that offers an online Doctor of Social Work Programs is Regent University. This program is designed for the experienced practitioners with advanced knowledge and practical experience. The online class is delivered online entirely to train the individual competency. Not only DSW, there are also online PhD programs that related to this field.

The next campus is the University of West Georgia. The online Doctor of Social Work Programs in Georgia is also delivered full online which focus on professionalism and supervision improvements. This is good for those who want to extend the knowledge and want to improve the supervisory roles.

This is the first university in Florida that offers DSW in an online education system, it is Florida Atlantic University. The program isn’t fully online because there is a traditional program like the other universities. This hybrid model is to enhance the individual working professionalism.

An online DSW degree is also offered by the Grand Canyon University. In this program, the student will be taught fully online. The aim of this program is focusing on the individual advancement of social working such as in social recognition or human behavior.

The last campus in this list is the University of Tennessee. The online Doctor of Social Work Programs that they offer is focusing on advanced clinical practice for the students after they graduate. The good thing about this school is that it has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

How to choose the right DSW campus?

Although the list of the top Doctor of Social Work Programs has been provided, it doesn’t mean that the people who want to study there could decide easily where they should go. There are many things to be considered before deciding to proceed the application.

As we know that each doctorate program offers different courses and has their own vision and mission. So the first thing that we should consider before deciding which campus you are going to apply is your mission and the vision. You can check their websites and start to compare their mission and the vision and then choose that suits you.

Not only through comparing the V&M, but you need also find out your own mission as the basic thing to choose the campus. With your mission and passion, you can check their courses that they offer. Make a checklist in each that suit with your plan. Probably knowing the courses that they offer when you study there is the most important thing. If you aren’t interested or willing to learn them but you decide to apply, it will be a big disaster if you don’t know how to overcome the problem.

To decide in studying Doctor of Social Work Programs, tuition fees also the most important think that should be considered. Many institutions or the campus itself offer some fellowships that can help the student to pursue this degree. If there is fellowship or financial aid, you probably think and consider in applying it simultaneously while applying for the program. When you apply for the financial aid, make sure you are eligible.

Another important thing is to prepare everything to apply it. You can check the general requirements such as the GPA, SAT or GRE, essay and study plan that you need to prepare. Prepare all the documents before applying so you will focus on the application process.

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