How Does Coolsculpting Work?

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How Does Coolsculpting Work to Your Body

Coolsculpting is a one of a medical treatment to reduce the fat under your skin and this makes people wonder on how does coolsculpting work. The thing that you need to remember about coolsculpting is not a surgery treatment. Yes, you are right! This is a non-surgery method to reduce the fat. Many people have tried to do this as their fat treatment. And since this is not really popular, yet, many people also keep asking some related questions such as how long does coolsculpting work. It doesn’t really matter that you have many questions because you are curious about this new method. We are here to give you some important information about it.

Before we answer those questions, there will be some explanation about its history. So this method is also known as freezing away the fat. It is not for those who want to lose their weight drastically, but this is more for the people who have a problem with their fat in the stubborn areas such as the stomach. Historically, it developed many years and through many research by the Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. The treatment is using an advanced technology. People use to ask how does the coolsculpting machine works because it’s really some new patent technology.

How it works

In this section, many questions about the coolsculpting will be revealed. As we know that this method is using some kind of new technology.

So, the cooling technology for this fat treatment will freeze the fat under your skin and transform it into the crystal. After turning into the crystal, the fat will die. Please keep in mind that this method has been developed and researched for many years so it will be fine although the method sounds weird.

All about how does the coolsculpting machine works is basically the science implementation. The way machine could freeze the fat cells is by using a higher temperature. It can focus on the fat cells only because there is a technology that enables to target the fat cells although they are beneath your skin. So it won’t be missed and the skin around will be fine. After targeting the fat cells, it will be transformed to a crystal just like what previously mentioned and then die. All this whole process is called Cryolipolysis. It has been found that the fat cells will be crystallized faster than the normal cells. They believe that through this process of fat reduction, there is no effect and not damaging the skin cell. Normal cell around it will work fine as well.

The inventor of this method also said that the way your fat went using this technology is a gone for good because there is no bad effect on your body. To do this treatment, one should understand that there are some sessions and it takes time.

Since many people keep asking about how long does coolsculpting work, it will be answered here. So coolsculpting takes much time depends on the condition of your fat that needs the treatment. In some case, one needs 16 weeks to get the amazing result in her stomach. Some just need 8 weeks only to see the change and back to a normal body without fat. So basically, it will need about 4-16 weeks of coolsculpting sessions to get the results. One treatment of coolsculpting could take one hour, depends on the area.

For a specific question such as how quickly does coolsculpting work, the answer would vary depends on the individual, but it is less than 4 weeks. You can see the changes around 4 weeks. Some people with other purposes even take the treatments up to six months.

If you are interested in doing this, make sure you discuss it with the professional and trusted dermatologist first and consider which area that you want to be treated.

How much it cost?

One of the important questions is about the fee. So usually, coolsculpting treatment costs up to $3400, this depends on how many treatments you would like to take. If you have a fat in a neat area in your body, then it can cost less than $1200. You can also choose the area that desired to be treated to reduce the amount of the fee.

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