How Does Ransomware Work?

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How Does Ransomware Work Entering the System

It recently happens that worldwide has a massive ransomware attack, and this raises a question how does ransomware work. Knowing the basic system of its work could lead us to a prevention step and how to treat it if one day we got attacked. It doesn’t need to be an expert to know how do ransomware work because the fact every internet user, primarily for those who use the computers and laptops, should know this thing. It means that become internet users should understand some basic knowledge about cyber attack or malware that possibly damages their selves.

Before we begin to discuss how does a ransomware work, it will be wise if we understand the definition and some basic information about it. It’s fundamental to know that Ransomware is malicious software that can block the computer user to access the data. In simple words, once the computer gets infected, the user can’t access the data anymore. It will need some step to overcome it, depends on the types of the ransomware. There are two types of ransomware that you need to know. They are encryptors and lockers. Encryptors will encrypt the algorithm in an advanced way. Once they encrypt the system, the whole file system will be blocked and inaccessible until the user makes the payment. The other type, locker, works by locking the operating systems so the user can’t access the laptop entirely, even just to access the desktop.

How does it infected?

Before we answer the question how does a ransomware work, we will discuss some ransomware virus creation and target area. First of all, they create the malware and targeting the victim. The victims are mostly from home internet users that usually don’t have data, public sectors, and business sector because the victims have a big amount of money.

After they are targeting the victims, they will start to infect the users. They will use any methods such as spamming a massive email addresses, download system or malvertising malicious link. If it through the email, it usually will be detected by the email domain as a spam message with a notification to be careful to click the link. If the users click the link, then the virus will start infecting their computers. Any malicious link that you see on the internet will be working the same if you click it. Once the computer gets infected, there will be a message for the internet user that informs about the remote data and a must pay message. So the other question such as does ransomware work on encrypted drives, the answer is that it’s possible. If the encrypted drives aren’t secure and the ransom creator could get into the system.

Every type of computers can be infected. So if you ask does ransomware work on Mac, the answer is yes. Their primary target is all internet users, no matter what laptop or computer brand that you use. Since it can affect any internet users, the best thing to do as prevention is to backup the data and increase the security level.

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